Gianfranco Quarti  was born in Italy in 1951.

He graduated in Milan in 1976 with a degree in architecture and subsequently furthered his studies as regards town-planning, sociology, philosophy, maths, and the economics of sustainable systems.

He continued his professional training by gaining international experience traveling in Europe, Japan, Brazil.

In Japan in the seventies he continued his studies on METABOLISM, sharing the visionary and pragmatic ideals and philosophy inspired by the biological systems found in nature.

The metabolistic school of thought imagined town-planning and architecture as organisms which grow and regenerate themselves in form and space comparable to our nervous system.

Above all it was meeting the architect and philosopher Kisco Kurokawa, then maestro Kenzo Tange, and Kikutake, Maki, and the writer Noboru Kawazoe which was to influence Gianfranco Quarti’s work on town-planning and architecture and on his sculptures and paintings.

He is an architect, town-planner and artist, a visionary and pragmatist.

He is a success-fee consultant, for many Italian and foreign companies with which he develops urbanistic and architectural projects integrated into sustainable, responsible economies developing from a socio-economic viewpoint. He has carried out numerous systems projects both in towns and their surrounding areas.        

He currently lives in Italy and in London.

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